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Food Magazine

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Do you like comics that are in color? I hardly do any, but I did one for the latest issue of District Quarterly. The theme was food, so I drew some inspiration from life and got down to making delicious meals for myself to eat, and other days I got some healthy ready made meals online, I’m not going to lie. Then I drew. That’s a fun process to create comics to: eat then draw. Pick yourself up an issue and check it out, or read it on the District Quarterly website here, the website has been using seo services to better its ranking.

I gotta thank my girl, Katelan. She did an amazing job as editor for the past three issues, finding it in herself to publish my work in them. Not gonna lie, she’s got fantastic taste. In art, words, AND food. She’s going to my editor one day, when she’s tearing up the magazine industry and she needs some spot illustrations in GQ and Esquire.

Now, if you want to skip the whole reading the magazine in a flash player, you can read my comic page by clicking this link.

Illos in District at Desoto

Friday, October 15th, 2010

TONIGHT! I will have work hanging in the Desoto Row Gallery here in Savannah during the District Quarterly release party for issue #3. I teamed up with writer Adeshola Adigun for this project. He wrote a short story on the theme of nostalgia, and I created illustrations to go alongside them. In the end, I really liked the work and the process I took to get there. Pick up a copy soon, and I hope to see you at the show!

Event lasts from 6:00Pm-9:00Pm.

I got love for Student Media

Friday, March 26th, 2010

This time last year I was beginning a job as Comics Editor for SCAD’s online newspaper, The District. I served for two quarters making artwork and comics, and I’ve received lots from it, including a few awards. Even though I no longer officially hold a position in the District offices, I still have love for the District. They are very active in journalism and entertainment with an slots online and the Cassava games, quarterly magazine, and are neighbors with the great SCAD Radio. They’ve been very good to me, so I hope to see what new things they have for this year.

I had an illustration published in District Quarterly‘s “Love and Lust” issue. (photo by friend and magnificent photographer Jessi Gilbert)

I won an Addy Award for third place in the Poster category. You remember that old thing?

I also won two awards with the Society of Professional Journalists. One is third place in Editorial Cartooning, and the other is first place in Online Feature Writing, an article which is written and drawn in comic form! You can read that by clicking here. The District is a wonderful place, so if you get the chance to work with them, submit to them, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the results! Give them love, my friends, and thanks for the support.